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Welcome to the Grant County Online Permit Center


Currently only the Planning Site Address and Building Single Family Residence applications are available for submittal or viewing online.


Before You Apply

Before you start an online application submittal, you should obtain the appropriate application package, read through all submittal requirements and have all necessary items ready to upload in the correct format.  Applications will be reviewed for 'counter/technical completeness' of all information and documents, and will not be accepted if there are deficiencies.  Some applications require the full fee or a deposit payment at time of submittal.


Be aware that for all online payments a convenience fee of 2.5% in addition to your permit fee will be collected by Point and Pay for the transaction.


Building permit applicants note that electronic submittals will be approved in electronic form; you will be responsible for printing all approval documents and plans to have available on the project site.  Many of these documents will need to be printed 24" x 36" in size and /or in color.


Forms and Information

Find Development Services application packets and submittal information here.


Find Public Works Road Approach Permit Application and Information here.


Find Plans and Documents Standards & Requirements here.


New to Online Permitting? Learn more here.


Ready to Start?

To Create your account, choose "Sign Up" above and follow the directions.


To Apply for a permit after creating your account, choose "Go" and then "Apply online" on the following page; follow the directions and remember to upload all required submittals.


To view an application submitted in office, you will need an access code to link to your portal account.  If you did not receive one at the time of submittal, contact our office.  If you are creating a new account, enter your Access Code immediately after your email/password to create the link.  If you already have an account, click on the down arrow by your name in the upper right corner and choose My Account, then click on the blue Access Code to enter.



This data should not be construed as legal advice or legal opinion on any specific facts or circumstances. The contents are intended for general information purposes only, and you are urged to consult your own lawyer concerning your own situation and any specific questions you may have. Infrastructure records, drawings, and other documents have been gathered over many decades, using differing standards for quality control, documentation and verification. All of the data provided represents current information in a readily available format. While the data is generally believed to be accurate, occasionally it proves to be incorrect; thus its accuracy is not warranted. Prior to making any property purchases or investments based in full or in part upon the material provided, it is specifically advised that you independently field verify the information contained in county records.


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